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DMC floss and Delica Beads

Conversion charts for DMC floss to (and from) Delica Beads in PDF form. Prepared with the help of Caravan Beads.

Important Note: These charts were last updated in 2009. Both DMC and Delica have added new colors since then; those additions are not reflected on these charts.

Click here for the chart that shows which Delica beads match each DMC floss color.

Click here for the chart that shows which DMC floss matches each Delica bead color.


Please use these charts as a guide (rather than absolute gospel). You should check the colors and shades carefully yourself, where possible, before relying on any conversion chart because:

DMC Color Shift of 1995

For various reasons, DMC shifted certain colors in February of 1995. Many conversion charts still available use the old colors; be sure to check the date of any such resource.

Most changes were slight. "New" grays tend to be bluer than the old; shades that are most noticeably different are:


And, of course, any pattern or chart that uses DMC colors and was published before the date of the shift must be carefully handled when substituting another thread line for DMC. If you are trying to work with an older chart, you should check your results from this database carefully to be sure you achieve the desired match.

All that having been said, I hope you will find these charts useful!

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