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Pattern for Sock Heel with Diagonal Decrease
(no heel flap)

Patterns for Sock Heels taken verbatim from "The Complete Encyclopedia of Needlework" (second edition) by Therese deDillmont. Copyright 1978 by Runing Press, 38 South Nineteenth Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103 (sorry, no ISBN appears on my copy). These patterns are quoted directly from the text; since I haven't yet tried them out, my comments are based on studying the patterns. The method seems to be similar to the "afterthought heel" given by Nancy Bush in "Folk Socks," except that these are worked in sequence with the sock -- after the cuff and before the foot -- rather than after the sock is finished. Note that both patterns assume the socks are being worked on five needles, with stitches evenly distributed over four working needles to start. Also note that no gauge is given; from the pictures I would guess these work for fairly fine yarn and size 2-3 (US) needles. Larger yarn/needle sizes may require adjustment.

Heel worked entirely in plain knitting

Those who do not like purling will find in the next two types methods of working heels entirely in plain knitting.

Method #1

Method #2

Supposing there are 20 stitches on each needle: cast on 28 on each extra needle; make 1 decrease with the 4th and 3rd stitches from the end of the first and third needles, and 1 decrease with the 3rd and 4th stitches of the second and fourth needles, so that 4 plain stitches are left betwee 2 decreases. [ed. note: don't know why this couldn't be changed to fewer plain stitches -- maybe 2.] Continue decreasing in every 3rd round, until only 6 stitches remain on each needle. Then make 1 more decrease, with the last stitch of each needle and the 1st stitch of the next. Knit 1 more plain round, and end by casting off on the wrong side of the heel [ed. note: wouldn't these be <shudder> kitchener stitched?]. Then pick up the auxiliary stitches [ed. note: the stitches cast on to the extra needles] and knit the instep.

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