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Hamer's Humdingers -- Fulled Socks

Copyright Joan Hamer

These are house socks that are very thick and very warm. If you've made the original Joan's Socks, these will go even faster because they take less rows per inch. Before fulling, these socks will look enormous! Trust me that they will be perfect in the end. The felting technique comes from Robin Hanson's various writings on the subject, to whom I've forever grateful.

Materials 2 balls Lopi, Icelandic Samband or Brown Sheep Bulky wool or any single ply pure wool. Should be a color because white often doesn't full very well.

Needles Size 10-1/2 US (6-1/2mm) & 11 US (8mm) dpn's

Fulling Materials

Murphy's Oil Soap (helps retain oils), table salt (speeds fulling process), rubber gloves, ice cubes (to keep water very cold), washboard, or cookie cooling racks, hair conditioner, old toothbrush. OK, so this might require some shopping, but you'll probably make more than one pair!

This is a variation of the Joan's Socks pattern. You will need the instructions for those socks to do these.

Use the same basic pattern with these changes:


Machine fulling will not produce as dense a fabric and this "hands-on" method. Using 2 dishpans (or double kitchen sink) run hot water into first adding Murphy's Oil Soap. I boiled additional water to keep it very hot. Be sure and wear rubber gloves so you don't burn your hands. Into the 2nd sink run very cold water with a tray or two of ice cubes and about 1/4 cup of salt.

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