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Quickie (or "5-Hour") Baby Sweater Pattern

with Matching Bonnet and Booties

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Please note that these patterns were originally posted to the KnitList by Anne Stoddard, who gives the history of the sweater pattern as follows:

In approximately the year of 1950, I was frequenting a small yarn shop in my town run by two elderly sisters, one of them was very kind to me as she loved that I both knitted and crocheted. She wrote out this pattern for me to knit for my new little sisters that my mother was 'continuously' having (VBG). There are 8 of us. The two sisters have since gone to the big Yarn Store in the Sky but I remember their kindnesses every time I knit the sweater. I also gave this pattern to the women in the BAKG that knit for Charity for me and we have produced over a hundred baby sweaters for the maternity home "Siena House" in the Bronx.

I sincerely hope that the women knitting from this pattern give at least one sweater to charity as this is what I meant the pattern to be used for.

The patterns for bonnet and booties were originally printed in the Portland (Maine) Press Herald.

Please respect the original author's rights, and the copyright notice at the bottom of this page, and do not republish these patterns for profit in any form.

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